What we offer

There are two ways to get involved with Wellealthy —
join the Doctors Network or join the Pharmacists Group.


Join Our Doctors Network

Are you a forward-thinking physician interested in expanding your practice or having a more flexible schedule? Perhaps you’re retired or semi-retired. Physicians can work full-time or part-time, all the while maintaining their own practice. It is completely scalable: you decide your involvement based on your schedule, desired case load and desired compensation.

Our Doctors' network lets you:

  • Treat patients via secure video or phone
  • Document consultations online
  • Access patients electronic health records
  • Send prescriptions electronically

Join Our Pharmacists Group

Be a leader in health promotion, health education, and illness prevention.

  • Discover potentially dangerous drug regimens.
  • Receive immediate alerts about possible adverse drug reactions.
  • Improve the collaboration of physician and pharmacist.
  • View drug information from multiple sources.