That troubling question, sometimes asked in the middle of the night...
Do we need to see a doctor?

Seeing a doctor on Wellealthy is so easy and affordable, you don't have to question if it's really necessary, or worry about the cost.



How much does it cost?

Most of our members get Wellealthy subsidized or paid for through their company or other organization, but anyone can sign up as an individual! Want your employer to pay for Wellealthy? Let us know here.


Get care

24/7 virtual visits using phone or video with a board-certified doctor in less than 15 minutes on average. Exclusive offer: Get unlimited family access to a doctor for just $18.95/month with NO CONSULTATION FEE or CONTRACT.
  • Prescriptions sent to your pharmacy
  • Access to Lab tests
  • Behavioral Health
  • Savings on prescriptions
All for only $18.95 per month
The cost of prescriptions, lab tests, or in-person doctor visits are not included in the cost of the subscription.

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