Remote Patient Monitoring that Works for Everyone

From wearables to telemedicine, remote patient monitoring (RPM) is on the rise – and paying off for patients and physicians alike. Wellealthy gives you the process, equipment and software to provide care where and when it’s needed most – wherever patients are – without burdening your workflow.

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What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Reimbursable electronic monitoring

Wellealthy RPM encourages patients to take control of their health while enabling practitioners to gather vital information between office visits. Wellealthy RPM allows you to monitor your patient’s health information while increasing patient engagement from the comfort of their own home, workplace, or wherever they may be.


A new way to get a better picture of overall health.

RPM was created to help providers care for their patients outside of the confines of a traditional office setting. Patients use connected devices at home – like heart monitors and blood pressure cuffs – that automatically upload their health data through the cellular network to their doctor. Many patients already take steps daily to help combat their chronic health issues, but Wellealthy can make sure no one misses a measurement...literally.

RPM Solutions


Congestive Heart Failure

Daily weight monitoring supports better weight management and fast identification of cardiac decompensation.


Effective and timely oversight of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease helps detect exacerbations and leads to improvements in decision support and patient adherence to recommendations.


Periodic or ongoing measurement of blood sugar levels help detect noteworthy changes in blood sugar levels.


Reviewing blood pressure data consistently leads to more timely recommendations and patient care plan modifications to decrease cardiac events.


Ongoing monitoring and measuring of weight permits better, more targeted advice for lifestyle changes that can help stabilize or decrease weight.

Here's How it Works:

Most patients – 77% – report that they would be willing to wear technology for health tracking. Wellealthy makes leveraging their information (and being reimbursed for it all) a similarly happy experience for practitioners.


We make it simple:

  • Sign up quickly and easily with Wellealthy.
  • Enroll your patient(s) by adding their information into the Wellealthy system and designating what device you’d like them to receive. We take care of outreach and patient education.
  • Click “ship” and your patient will receive their device either in their home or at your office; you choose.
  • Review data from your patient's device in the Wellealthy portal or your integrated EMR. Staff are automatically notified if a patient’s readings enter a specified caution or critical range, and reports can be customized to best suit your workflows. Finally, if you are logging time toward RPM management billing codes, Wellealthy automatically tracks that too!
  • Get paid. The Wellealthy billing system generates a report every month clearly showing all billable RPM codes for each patient. Fees are charged only for billable RPM patients and include the connected device, cellular service, hosting and customer support. You simply submit your claims at the start of each month; fees aren’t due until after you receive your Medicare payment.

Wellealthy’s Features Make RPM Seamless to Use and Integrate

  • Medicare HETS Eligibility Partnership
  • Simple new-patient enrollment through Prevounce’s practice-tailored system
  • Getting patients up to speed is easy, as cellular connectivity makes each device plug-and-play
  • Manual and automated access to patient data
  • Customizable notification system – no spam, just what your providers want to receive.
  • Fully compliant time tracking and billing to help your practice get paid and stay on the right side of regulations.

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